Are your video tapes and film reels starting to degrade and fall apart?

Are your photos, slides, audio cassettes, and records starting to show signs of decay?

If so, then let us transfer your music and video media safe to a safe and long-lasting digital format.

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TuneTransfers - Professional Media Conversion Services, LLC was started in 2006 when Tommy Tornroos (owner and operator of the company) was asked by a neighbor to convert old vinyl records. Six years later he is still providing the same level of customer service and quality that the neighbors and friends of his family received.

TuneTransfers will take your old audio, photo, and video media and convert it to CDs, DVDs, web based media, and hard drives. We offer for clients wanting more in depth editing - the sky is the limit for what we can create. Our professional services can create DVD slideshows of your photos, slides, and videos all combined together with 3D animation and music. Every CD or DVD we create will have custom labels; we use thermal ink printers for professional looking color disc labels. We can use photos you send or screen shots from your vidoes for your album artwork and disc labels. Don't be worried about losing your media. We keep back up copies of everything for 30 days - we have never lost an order in all our years of business.

If you have any further questions or comments about the company please let us know by emailing us at or calling us at (770) 884-4966. Thanks and we look forward to helping you with multimedia conversion in the future!