Video Conversion Services

Professional Video Conversion, Transfers, and Video Editing

Video Tape Transfers to DVDs, Hard Drives, and the Internet

VHS Conversion, LLC uses state of the art, commercial equipment to convert your video tapes to DVD-Rs, Hard Drives, and to use on the internet. Our conversion technology allows us to clean up the video quality by reducing static and noise while stabilizing the image. 

Due to our advanced technology we can handle high volume media conversion orders, along with single video tape transfers, to any format you choose. We can transfer your tapes as uncompressed video to a hard drive in QuickTime (.mov), AVI, MPEG4, or any other proprietary format for archiving and editing. 

Please check the chart below for the list of video tapes we convert. If you have any other questions not covered here then please call (404) 825-1118 or email us

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Professional and Custom Video Editing Services, DVD Menu Authoring

DVD Authoring With your collaboration we can edit your video and create a DVD any way you want. We can do this over the phone, at our studio, or through an online computer meeting and we keep you updated every step of the way. Some of the most popular things to have edited into your custom video are: Not only can we take home videos and create professional Hollywood style DVDs out of them, we can also take your special events like weddings, sales presentations, memorials, bar and bat mitzvahs, confirmations and more and use our expertise and experience to save your videos on DVD in style. You will definitely be impressed with our competitive prices and fast turnaround.

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Video Cleansing (Noise Removal, Stablization) And Quality

Video Cleansing, LLC converts your videos using technology on Apple computers that reduces noise, stabilizes shakiness, and guarantees perfect frame synchronization. If you are so inclined, exposure correction and accurate color representation can be performed when using our elective video editing services. 

It is important to note that a conversion from a VHS tape for example to DVD will not increase the resolution, but the quality will not diminish either. NTSC (the standard signal for American TVs) has 525 lines of resolution, but only 480 lines of visible picture, so basically all of the consumer formats listed above will remain at a resolution of 720 x 480 when converted. When converting a professional format, such as an HDV (miniDV HD tape), to a hard drive the quality will remain at 1920 x 1080 or whatever resolution it was shot in; however, if you wanted this HDV tape converted to a DVD then the quality would be reduced to the standard DVD resolution 720 x 480. For more information on this subject please call (404) 825-1118 or
email us.

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Audio Cleansing And Quality

When we convert your video media we usually leave the audio uncompressed or convert it to the Dolby Digital format. Thanks to the proprietary techniques and technology we employ we can keep the audio locked which creates and sustains constant audio synchronization regardless of the video length. This basically means that the audio and video will always be in sync and there will never be a delay in your converted video.

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Video Conversion Formats And DVD Length

Video Conversion We can convert VHS, S-VHS, VHS-C, Beta, 8mm, Hi8, Video8, Digital8, Laserdisc, miniDV, and miniDVD. Professional formats we convert are HDV (miniDV HD), DVC Pro, Betamax, Betacam, and U-Matic SP 3/4 inch

When we convert video media to DVDs (as opposed to hard drives or content to stream over the internet) we can only fit up to 2 hours on each DVD to keep the quality the same as the original format. A DVD can technically hold up to 6 hours, and if you want us to convert a single six-hour long VHS to one DVD we would be happy to oblige, but the quality will be reduced by a little bit because of the compression. 

If the video tape is longer than 2 hours then we will put it on more than one DVD for no extra charge; however, we charge per video tape so if you want several video tapes on one DVD and they total less than 2 hours then we will charge per tape, not per DVD. 

In regards to DVDs, we use DVD-R white hub thermal printing Taiyo Yuden discs due to their fantastic quality, a lower error-read rate than their competition, wonderful reliability, and because they last long (100 to 250 years.)

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Final Product And Samples

Final Product Once your videos have been digitized onto our computers then we begin to edit. Depending on what you have chosen (standard conversion or professional video editing) we will remove large blank spaces, perform quality checks to make sure the video and audio are in sync, and then go further if you wanted a Hollywood style video. After everything has been looked over once more we burn the video onto a high quality Taiyo Yuden DVD-R that is compatible with almost all DVD players and computers. 

Your DVD will be set by default for auto-play when inserted into a DVD player with chapter points at 5 minute intervals but we can make this any amount you choose so you can quickly advance or back up to any point in your high quality movie. 

You have the ability to edit the video yourself without having to buy DVD ripping software by copying the .VOB files on the DVD to your computer hard drive and then renaming then to .MPG. You must have video editing software to manipulate these video files though. 

If you plan on doing any serious editing it is best to use the full quality uncompressed AVI or .MOV QuickTime files. We can provide this if you decide to have your video media converted to a hard drive as opposed to a DVD. It is important to note than when we convert to an external hard drive the uncompressed video files will take up 12 to 20 GB per hour with a 4 MB per second bit rate at the 720 x 480 resolution. 

We do not install any copyright protection on your converted DVDs unless you request us to do so, this means you are free to make copies of the DVD. 

We can also prepare your clips in the proper format and upload them to Vimeo, YouTube, MyspaceTV and others. Please provide your user information and note that clips may be up to 10 minutes long and up to 100MB in size when uploading to certain websites.

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