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How It Works and Overall Features, LLC is an industry leader in producing custom and exceptional DVD slideshows with interactive features and your selection of music or a voiceover. Once the content has been converted and editing has been completed you will receive a DVD-R that is compatible with practically all DVD players and can be controlled just like a movie with all remote control functionality.

All you need to do is send us your photos, slides, negatives, videos and a choice of music together with instructions on how to arrange everything and any special requests. We digitize your media and create a draft copy to show you through computer to computer online chats like GoToMeeting, or we can create a web version of the slideshow so you can review it in private online. This first draft for review is included in the basic price. After we have your approval we create a high quality DVD-R and ship it back to you along with your original photos, slides, negatives and anything else that was sent to us. For your convenience we do not install any copy protection on the DVD-R so you can make copies if you choose.

Each slide show can have up to one hour of content. We generally have each image stay on screen for 5 seconds which gives you 12 per minute or 720 per hour. We accept videos to be in the slideshows as well, just note that we charge for each media format to be converted before we charge for the DVD slideshow.

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Usable Media Formats and Music Selection

Any media format that we convert can be put into your custom DVD slideshow. You could take five minutes from your old Hi8 video tape and have that mixed in with 200 negatives plus 50 digital images that are from your computer. It really does not matter what media formats you want to use, so long as we convert it.

In regards to the DVD slideshow soundtrack you will decide what music to include and where to place it. For copyright reasons you must either send us original retail CDs or allow us to download and purchase your selection of music online. Although it is tough to estimate song length compared to DVD slideshow time a good calculation to use is one minute of music fits 10 images.

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Output Media Formats

Output Media Formats

Your slideshow is designed to go on to a DVD-R but we can also transfer the content to an external hard drive or a CD for use on a computer.

We do not install any copyright protection on your converted DVDs unless you request us to do so, this means you are free to make copies of the DVD.

We can also prepare your DVD slideshow in the proper format and upload them to Vimeo, YouTube, MyspaceTV and others. Please provide your user information and note that clips may be up to 10 minutes long and up to 100MB in size when uploading to certain websites.

For a more in depth editing job you can use our Professional Services as well. With your collaboration we can edit your video and create a DVD any way you want. We can do this over the phone, at our studio, or through an online computer meeting and we keep you updated every step of the way. Some of the most popular things to have edited into your custom video are:

Not only can we take home videos and create professional Hollywood style DVDs out of them, we can also take your special events like weddings, sales presentations, memorials, bar and bat mitzvahs, confirmations and more and use our expertise and experience to save your videos on DVD in style. You will definitely be impressed with our competitive prices and fast turnaround.

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