Photo Scanning Services

Professionally Scanned Photos, Slides, and Negatives

Scanned Resolution and How It Works

Scanned Resolution and How It Works, LLC scans and digitizes your photos, slides, and negatives of basically any format using our high end commercial scanners that produce an unmatched image quality to consumer scanners. We spend time with each individual image to ensure ideal exposure, focus, color fidelity, cropping, and orientation. 

We then create files that are suitable for online photo sharing through your favorite website as well as CDs, DVDs, or external hard drives with image files archived in folders., LLC is a leading media conversion studio and all of our scans and conversions are done in house by trained professionals.

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Image Restoration Process And Resolution Quality

Image Restoration Resolution is essentially the density of detail in an image expressed in terms of pixels per inch also known as ppi. A higher resolution means better quality prints or image on screen and increased capacity for editing and enlargement. But it also means larger file sizes that are more costly to create and more difficult to manage in most cases., LLC has two options for scans, being either Standard Scans or Pro Scans. 

Standard Scans is suitable for slide shows, emailing, web applications, some photo manipulation and photo quality printing without enlargement. This is done at 300 ppi to 1500 ppi depending on the media 

Pro Scans is for high end graphics work and large format printing. Pro Scans is still suitable for slides and negatives but not for standard sized prints. This is done at 600 ppi to 9600 ppi depending on the media. In most cases, it is advantageous to choose Pro Scans resolution even if you do not plan to make enlargements or edit the images because more resolution gives you reserve should you need to zoom in or enlarge a portion of an image. Note that an images resolution can easily be reduced, but it can never be increased without rescanning.

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Scratch And Dust Removal

Scratch and Dust Removal Prior to scanning anything we carefully clean your materials with filtered compressed air. Even after this precautionary treatment most negatives, photos, and slides will have some degree of surface defects depending on age and care of treatment. 

When there is residual dust and electrostatic grime we recommend you use our ProClean service which uses a sophisticated optical technology that essentially sees through dust and scratches to produce an almost flawless digital image. 

If our ProClean technology is not applied, you may see some evidence of scratches and dust particles on negatives and slides regardless of the age of the film and this is caused by the development process and use of the plastic sleeve to store it. 

It is also important to realize that ProClean does not work for black and white negatives and slides and for Kodachrome negatives or slides larger than 35mm. There are other solutions available for black and white slides and Kodachrome negatives, please call (404) 825-1118 or email us.

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Output Media Formats

Output Media Formats Your converted digital images will be transferred to an external hard drive, CDs or DVDs. An external hard drive would fit the most images with a terabyte (1,000 GB) holding 800,000 images. A CD stores up to 500 images. A DVD stores up to 4,000 images. For images only we use archival grade Gold CDs and DVDs that are scratch and error resistant, able to stand extreme temperatures, and have a storage life in excess of 150 years or more., LLC normally converts scanned image files to JPEG with very low compression which results in a very high quality image. JPEG is basically the standard format for consumer printing labs like Walmart or Walgreens, digital cameras and camcorders, and most digital picture devices. If you prefer a different image file format we offer JPEGs at any Photoshop level, 8-bit and 16-bit TIFF formats, PNG, or basically any other file format. 

If you have any questions or special requests about our photo, slide, or negative scanning services please call (404) 825-1118 or email us.

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