Audio Conversion Services

Professional Vinyl Record, Cassette Tape Conversion, and Editing

Professional Audio Conversion Services

Cassette Tape Conversion, LLC converts vinyl records of all types and cassette audio tapes to CDs and external hard drives. When converting the media to external hard drives we usually use a lossless format for optimal quality but we can convert it to anything you wish. We use professional equipment and software that enables noise reduction and provides excellent sound quality. 

Due to our advanced technology and proprietary software we can handle large orders with ease. We treat each conversion with the utmost care and consideration as if it were our own. Make sure your audio library stands the test of time with, LLC!

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How It All Works!

How It All Works! With a standard conversion you will receive level optimization and track separations for free. For those pesky cassettes and records that have lots of noise problems we also offer audio cleanup services to reduce noise, hiss, and to normalize audio levels. Remember that hiss may be noticeable on many audio cassettes (not just vinyl) and we recommend using our hiss, crackle, pop removal service to remove it when transferring cassettes to CDs. 

You simply choose the audio formats you want converted and then either call us, email us or click on the
Order Now button to get started. Follow the instructions from that point and it is smooth sailing from there!

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Audio Restoration

Audio Restoration, LLC now offers advanced audio restoration for all audio conversions. Audio restoration is basically a generalized term for the process of removing imperfections such as hiss, crackle, noise, and buzz from your spoken word or music recordings. This process of restoration can either be performed on the recording medium itself (like using our special vacuum cleaner on vinyl records) or it can be performed on the digital copy on a computer after conversion (like removing a low buzzing noise from an AIFF file). 

When you have custom audio restoration done on your vinyl record or cassette tape we will not only clean the recorded media but we will also work on the digital copy which results in the best possible end result. 

Once the media is converted, recordings are cleaned up using our dedicated audio editing computers. We then perform various automated techniques to remove the unwanted sounds. If the automated process is not enough then we will have one of the audio editors go in and manually remove the pops and clicks present. We use Sound Track Pro to view the full spectrum of audio and use the frequency editor to manually remove unwanted noises while keeping the rest of the audio intact. In most cases, after we have finished you will never even know that the pops and clicks had been there in the first place. Audio editing and restoration services are charged by the hour for video editing jobs and very damaged audio recordings, while noise reduction services are charged by CD created and costs $10 per CD or $2 per track.

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Completed Format

A vinyl record or cassette tape conversion straight to CD will be encoded at 32 bit 44.1 kHz in AIFF format. When we burn the audio onto a CD it is an uncompressed lossless format for optimal importing quality if you wanted to import the files onto an mp3 player like an iPod. A quick tip for those of you who use iTunes: make sure to import your CDs in a lossless format which results in a much better sound but it also results in more space taken up on your hard drive; here is an article from Apple discussing the process involved by using iTunes preferences. 

If you choose to have your media converted to a hard drive as opposed to a CD then we normally convert to an uncompressed lossless format at 32 bit 44.1 kHz in AIFF format. If you want a different format then please let us know when you order, we can convert to any format you want such as the ones in the table below.

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Audio types