TuneTransfers - Professional Media Conversion Services

About Us

TuneTransfers.com, LLC was started in 2006 when Tommy Tornroos (owner and operator of the company) was asked by a neighbor to convert old vinyl records. Tommy had always been interested in music, video and technology so he gladly accepted. With each LP conversion Tommy removed the pops and scratchy noises on the record, and created custom labeled CDs using thermal printers instead of using those annoying paper labels. Other neighbors started asking for conversions of their old videos and 35mm slides and Tommy started buying more and more equipment to handle the different types of conversions needed.

Four years later he is still providing the same level of customer service and quality that the neighbors and friends of his family received. Each conversion is backed up on a server for 30 days in case your CDs or DVDs are not working correctly, each disc is double checked for playback errors and each label is professionally made and printed directly on the high end, professional grade CDs and DVDs that are used (and will last 100 to 200 years). Each order is hand packed and sealed at TuneTransfers HQ and then picked up by USPS or UPS depending on your shipping choice. Every email is responded to within 24 to 36 hours and every phone call is either answered immediately or called back if it comes in after 6 pm EST for the next day at 10 am.

We treat each order that comes in (whether it is one single cassette tape or four hundred VHS tapes) as our own multimedia. We realize how important these audio and video tapes are to you and how they are irreplaceable. We are happy to say we have never once lost an order or had anything become misplaced in the mail to or from our head quarters in Marietta, GA. Each conversion is done in real time with people manually editing and cleaning up the audio and video after the transfer has been completed. All of this means we truthfully care about your media.

So, if you have any further questions or comments about the company please let us know by emailing us or calling us at (404) 825-1118. Thanks and we look forward to helping you with multimedia conversion in the future!